The Art Of Putting Yourself First

Do you feel guilty about the amount of time you actually need to care for yourself properly... or do people around you send shaming signals when you engage in self-care too often, for too long, or at all?

Are you familiar with codependency?

Self-care shaming seems to have deep historical roots in some cultures... but it never fails to amaze me how some of the same cultures can praise public narcissism, yet shame personal self-nurture.

If you find yourself in such a culture or frame of mind, here are some ways to shift the perspective and free your mind...        

Who do you spend the most time with?  You.  

So, why on earth would you need to apologize for making yourself a priority?  Stressful situations life throws at you can quickly sap you dry.  Generally those situations also require resources like time or money.  

You don’t empty your bank account without replenishing it; and you need to replenish yourself too!  You have already prioritized yourself to give everyone else what they need, but who is doing this for you?  

It is also necessary to invest in making your own passions and goals come true, rather than only being focused on doing the same for others.

It is indeed an art to gracefully put yourself first in life, without feeling like you’re walking the thin line of self-indulgence.  If you are so used to saying yes to loved one’s requests that it’s become a force of habit, it may feel impossible to change it.  

If you are accustomed to people-pleasing in general, it may feel even more uncomfortable.  But the good news is that every art can be learned and mastered!  

A great place to start, is to ask yourself... exactly how you're meant to care for everyone else's demands efficiently, when you can hardly keep up with your own?  

When your cup is full, it overflows to everyone around you.  However if your cup is empty ... then all you have to offer is overwhelm, exhaustion, and an empty cup.

It doesn’t take long to realize that something must change if you want to keep going.  It's time to start investing in your own wellbeing; and getting real about the state of your own body, mind, and spirit.  

It's time to include yourself on the top of your own to-do list, making your own health Priority #1.

So where do we begin?....  

The Art of Putting Yourself First
Self-Care Supports Me

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