Boundaries For Self-Care

Creating clear and healthy boundaries may well be one of the most crucial aspects of self-care.  Some people argue that boundaries are even more important.  I believe they go hand in hand, and that it’s not possible to address one without the other.

Boundaries are defined in multiple layers; and like every other aspect of self-care, they are completely unique to you.  The key to working with boundaries involves defining these layers as clearly as possible for yourself and others.

It is the act of defining that creates a boundary, and makes it crystal clear what you want to remove or keep in your life.

“Boundaries are a life enhancing system of ‘yes’’ and ‘no’s.’  They are stop signs and borders you install to protect yourself so that it is clear you own your life, make good choices, and pursue the authentic expression of who you are in the way you live, love, give and relate.”

Personal boundaries are the emotional, mental, physical limits we set up to protect our sanity, and assert our individualism, while honoring the same in others.  Some boundaries may be difficult to define at first, but the more you work with them the more solid they become.

Having a strong sense of boundaries is the same as having a strong sense of self.  This is what makes it possible to identify who you are, what you need, your likes and dislikes, and what you will or won’t tolerate.  

Without these types of definition, it’s easy to derive your sense of worth from others’ opinions.  And it is too easy to allow others to treat you how they want to, based on their own needs instead of yours.  

Remember the saying, “We teach people how to treat us” ….

Boundaries for Self-Care
Setting Your Personal Boundaries
Honoring Your Boundaries

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