What Do You Need Most...?

One of the most crucial steps in nurturing your self-care practice involves the work of exploring what you need most, in every single area of your life. This is such an important step, it can be considered the cornerstone of your entire practice.

What do you need right now in your home life?.. work life?.. love life?.. friends?  What do you need more or less of?  What do you need most in order to create a life you truly appreciate living? 

It takes a great deal of honesty to get down the grit on this, and start asking yourself these types of questions.

If we don’t take upon the task of tending to tend our deepest needs, it is almost impossible to achieve our most important life goals.  We can keep riding the hamster wheel, looping forever... watching our days, months and years melt away into infinity while we say...

"Maybe next year I'll start that project, get a different job, end (or start) that relationship - I'm too busy to deal with it right now!"

Then we catch ourselves glaring into the rearview mirror at missed opportunities or other regrets, and the vicious spiral of guilt and blame sinks its claws in.

The good news is that the answers to these things don’t usually cost money; but they may require you to carve out some much deserved time.  And no matter how long it takes to uncover and acknowledge your most neglected longings, what you unearth will be more precious than any type of gold.  

What do you need in order to do what you love, and love doing it?  Or at least to feel that you intensely love your life and everything in it, no matter what else is happening...?  What do YOU need to keep that kind of spark alive??

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