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How To Identify Your Stress Triggers

Today we live in a very hectic society that thrives on instant gratification, and practically everyone is starting to feel the burn - enough that it can no longer be swept under the rug. 

Stress levels are on full blast, as everything must be done fast and achieved faster.
It’s akin to living in a pressure cooker!  Either you learn to let off steam, or you’ll explode… metaphorically speaking.  And literally speaking, stress has been linked to at least 6 of the major causes of death.
To some degree and in small amounts, tension and stress are good for us.  They stimulate the hormone cortisol, which then influences the fight-or-flight response; without these responses, we wouldn't be alert to danger. 
Healthy stress is called 'Eustress' ... which means relatively minor stress on an occasional basis.  This type of stress kicks in when you’re about to give a speech or any other public display, and...
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The Art Of Putting Yourself First

Do you feel guilty about the amount of time you actually need to care for yourself properly... or do people around you send shaming signals when you engage in self-care too often, for too long, or at all?

Are you familiar with codependency?

Self-care shaming seems to have deep historical roots in some cultures... but it never fails to amaze me how some of the same cultures can praise public narcissism, yet shame personal self-nurture.

If you find yourself in such a culture or frame of mind, here are some ways to shift the perspective and free your mind... 

Who do you spend the most time with?  You.  So, why on earth would you feel the need to apologize for making yourself a priority?  

The situations that life throws at you quickly sap your resources, and generally those situations require time or money.  You don’t empty your bank account without replenishing it, and you need to replenish yourself too.

Therefore, when you need...

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The True Importance of Self-Care

We know that self-care is far more than bath bombs and beauty, although those things are part of it.  Caring for your body, mind and spirit is also completely different from being self-centered; although it can become self-indulgent when out of balance, like anything else... 

But what is it really?  How do we improve it?  Why don't we?  And more importantly, what does it mean to YOU??

One thing for sure is that self-care requires time to explore what you really need in every area of life, honesty about what you find, and willingness to learn how to provide for yourself and/or ask for help.

Self-care is a process of learning to nurture yourself, and to care for your deepest needs with as much TLC as you’d give to your own child.

Why is self-care important?

Self-care is an integral part of your mental, physical, and overall health. You need it to help prevent burnout, chronic stress, or exhaustion.  Think of it as a renewable...

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What Do I Need Most...?

One of the most crucial steps in nurturing your self-care practice involves the work of exploring what you need most, in every single area of your life. This is such an important step, it can be considered the cornerstone of your entire practice.

What do you need right now in your home life?.. work life?.. love life?.. friends?  What do you need more or less of?  What do you need most in order to create a life you truly appreciate living? 

It takes a great deal of honesty to get down the grit on this, and start asking yourself these types of questions.

If we don’t take upon the task of tending to tend our deepest needs, it is almost impossible to achieve our most important life goals.  We can keep riding the hamster wheel, looping forever... watching our days, months and years melt away into infinity while we say...

"Maybe next year I'll start that project, get a different job, end (or start) that relationship - I'm too busy to deal with it right now!"


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Small Choices ~ Big Habits


Small Choices ~ Big Habits
Self-Care Strategies

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Self-Care Assessment


If you would like to assess your own levels of self-care, you can access the following reports and resources for FREE inside:


How To Measure Self-Care
Self-Care Assessment...
(3-part worksheet, print or digital)

Self-Care Strategies

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Claiming Your Self-Care Routine



Claiming Your Self-Care Routine
Daily Rituals that Soothe
Morning Intent & Affirmations

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Healthy Boundaries For Self-Care

Creating clear and healthy boundaries may well be one of the most crucial aspects of self-care.  Some people argue that boundaries are even more important.  I believe they go hand in hand, and that it’s not possible to address one without the other.

Boundaries are defined within multiple layers and meanings; and like every other aspect of self-care, they are completely unique to you.  The key to working with boundaries involves defining these layers as clearly as possible for yourself and others.  It is the act of defining that creates a boundary, and makes it crystal clear what you want to remove or keep in your life.

Boundaries are a life enhancing system of ‘yes’’ and ‘no’s.’  They are stop signs and borders you install to protect yourself so that it is clear you own your life, make good choices, and pursue the authentic expression of who you are in the way you live, love, give and...

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How To Say 'No' And Mean It


Most of us want to say No, much more often... We just don't always know how!

Saying No Helps Me
How to Say No And Mean It
Prevent Burnout

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Coping & Self-Care


If you want more on this topic, you can access the following
reports and resources for FREE inside:

Coping & Self-Care
Stress Management Worksheet
Discover the Power of Self-Care to Cope With Stress

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