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Self-Care for Perfectionism

Perfectionists strive to be the best at everything they do, and this isn't necessarily a bad thing.  Many perfectionists excel in their fields.  But that doesn't mean this personality trait isn't without its downsides.

When a minor setback feels like a major personal failure, that's when perfectionism becomes a burden.  Perfectionists may hold themselves or others to standards they know are unrealistic.  If your perfectionism interferes with your ability to form or maintain relationships, there are steps you can take to break free.

Perfectionism vs. Aspiring to Greatness

There is no work of art in any museum that's perfect.  Every famous painting has plenty of blemishes that only a trained eye can spot.  The Mona Lisa is a great work of art, but if you look at it with X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy, you'll find that the painting is made up of over 40 layers of paint!  Had DaVinci gone much further beyond the 40th coat, he could have lost the...

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