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Self-Care For Stress Relief

Even though stress and burnout are common, it doesn’t mean they are normal!  There is a reason doctors inquire about your stress levels at nearly every office visit. 

There also seems to be general consensus these days, that the effects of stress have gotten way out of hand and most people are seeking remedies.

The problem is.. that while there are many lists of simplified coping methods for stress, research into true stress management indicates a number of factors that make it a more complicated matter. 

Some variational factors include: 
Cultural perspective 
Type and intensity of stress 
Level of burnout 
Level of resilience 
Co-occurring medical issues 
Personal reasons for engaging and/or avoiding specific stressors

In most of the research, it is implied that the key factor is finding a combination of skills and methods that work for each person... and none of the methods will work if...

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