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Personal Boundaries and Self-Care for the Free Spirit

Creating clear and healthy boundaries may well be one of the most crucial aspects of self-care.  Some people argue that personal boundaries are even more important.  I believe they go hand in hand, and that it’s not possible to address one without the other.

Personal boundaries are defined within multiple layers and meanings; and like every other aspect of self-care, they are completely unique to you.  

The key to working with healthy boundaries involves defining these layers as clearly as possible for yourself and others.  It is the act of defining that creates a boundary, and makes it crystal clear what you want to remove or keep in your life.

Boundaries are a life enhancing system of ‘yes’’ and ‘no’s.’  They are stop signs and borders you install to protect yourself so that it is clear you own your life, make good choices, and pursue the authentic expression of who you are in the way you...

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