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How To Identify Your Stress Triggers

Today we live in a very hectic society that thrives on instant gratification, and practically everyone is starting to feel the burn - enough that it can no longer be swept under the rug. 

Stress levels are on full blast, as everything must be done fast and achieved faster.
It’s akin to living in a pressure cooker!  Either you learn to let off steam, or you’ll explode… metaphorically speaking.  And literally speaking, stress has been linked to at least 6 of the major causes of death.
To some degree and in small amounts, tension and stress are good for us.  They stimulate the hormone cortisol, which then influences the fight-or-flight response; without these responses, we wouldn't be alert to danger. 
Healthy stress is called 'Eustress' ... which means relatively minor stress on an occasional basis.  This type of stress kicks in when you’re about to give a speech or any other public display, and...
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Coping & Self-Care


Sometimes self-care is about thriving and leveling up to the best you can be.  At other times, it is very much about surviving and making it through difficult phases of life.  

We all have challenging phases of life that bring times of loss, change, trauma, or any type of extreme stress; it is part of the universal experience, and it is part of being human.  But it is during these times, that a special kind of self-care is called for. 

“Coping” is the best word to fit the bill, but you can also think of it as nurturing yourself the way you would do your own child if he or she was hurt.

The way that you address these issues can have a major effect on the way they affect you.  The good news is that there are a variety of methods you can integrate into your tool box, and they all fall into pretty much the same category as overall self-care.  

Not only can you use these tools to keep from getting sucked further into the rabbit hole,...

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